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November 2, 2013:
We are very pleased with the treatment given to Rudy at East Hartford Animal Clinic.  The staff is very friendly and helpful, from the front desk to the vet assistants, and doctors.  We feel that they care about Rudy, and that it very important to us.
Thank you for your kindness and competence.
Joan and Frank Perrone~East Hartford

January 13, 2013:
I completely recommend East Hartford Animal Clinic. All my animals have been going to him since they were babies, which is for 16 years so far. Dr. Barrios and the wonderful staff saved my cat from dying. He was dehydrated, blood in urine with a bad bladder infection along with failing kidneys. He stayed with them for 2 days and was saved. We put him on a special diet specifically for Kidney failure and on Cosequin. I also add Iceland Pure salmon oil on his food. He is doing amazing. He is 16 years old and acts like a kitten. My love and Dr Barrios and staff saved him. I am so blessed. My two dogs, a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky love them. They are consistently greeted with love and a caring hand by all of them. I have had major issues with them as well and once again, Dr Barrios and his staff found out the issue and we resolved it including a surgery on my husky’s knee and she is doing amazing. I highly recommend this wonderful vet clinic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are the best!!

June 3, 2012
Doc is great!!! He tried so very hard many times to save my Smokey. He really understands how people love their animals like family. When it was time for me to let him go, Doctor Barrios was there for me. Without Doc’s surgery that he agreed to do even though he had never done it before, I would have never had Smokey for that extra year. Love you Doc, you are the greatest. The staff is awesome, too!!
Barbara~ Windsor Locks

April 26, 2012
Great hospital, great staff. This was the only vet hospital that would see my sick cat over the weekend. The prices were reasonable and the doctor and staff took the time to explain what was wrong with my Tigger. Thank you!